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Zanik is a cave goblin who is called upon to explore the surface during the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest and is Sigmund's arch-nemesis. The object of the quest is to help her defend the Dorgeshuun city from a H.A.M. plot. After the player finishes the quest she can be found in the underground goblin city,Dorgesh-Kaan. The mark on her forehead is the symbol of Bandos.

Thieving chest

Zanik's house is located in northeast Dorgesh-Kaan on the second level. On the top floor are two chests, which can be picked with a lockpick if a player has Thieving level 52. The chests can be opened once every two to three minutes.


Chasm of LightsEdit

In Jagex's official RuneScape tale Chasm of Lights, Zanik is seen exploring an unexplored chasm with her friend and lover, Dorgan. She and Dorgan suddenly triggered an underground earthquake causing Zanik to be buried and trapped by debris. While Dorgan left to call for help, Zanik meets Juna, who threatens Zanik. Zanik became curious of the cave behind Juna and attempted to jump over Juna into the cavern but was easily blocked by Juna, who continued to threaten Zanik. Even though Zanik was unafraid, she obeyed Juna's command to leave and was later retrieved by Dorgeshuun guards.

Zanik, now curious, wanted to learn more about Juna and the cave behind her. Zanik spoke to the city scribe, who gave a brief explanation of Juna, the cave, and the the living creatures of light that glide aimlessly around the cavern. Zanik returned to Juna. Wanting to enter the cave, she entertained Juna by riding a Light creature around the cavern and collecting a strange rock sample from a cliff. Juna, impressed by the act, allowed Zanik to access the Tears of Guthix cavern and explained that she would require all future comers to perform the act, hinting to the Tears of Guthix, and gave instructions on what to do when collecting tears. The tears were collected and drunk by Zanik, which made her more steady and assured of herself. She also gained an intuitive understanding of where she was.

[1]Zanik's bedroom, containing a Giant moth, a strange Beetle and a Frog, trophies from her hunter days.On her way back to Dorgesh-Kaan, Zanik confronted Ur-lesh, the ancient headwoman of the Council, and Oldak, the city's Council-sponsored wizard. Filled with anger, she demanded to know why they had lied to the Dorgeshuun and why they did not want to go return to the surface. Ur-lesh and Oldak told Zanik that there was a great war happening on the surface and wanted to protect their people by remaining underground.

Later, Zanik and Juna became friends and exchanged stories and knowledge with each other. Juna's stories of the surface, about the end of the God Wars, and about Guthix inspired Zanik to one day explore the surface and see the vast incredible 

Exploring the surfaceEdit

The following takes place during Death to the Dorgeshuun.

During Death to the Dorgeshuun, Zanik is chosen to be a visitor to the surface. However, she and the player get caught whilst attempting to discover the newest H.A.M. plot, resulting in Zanik's death. Her life is restored by Juna, the snake in the Tears of Guthix activity. It is then that the player and her stop Sigmund's attempt at the destruction of Dorgesh-Kaan. It is also shown during the battle with Sigmund that Zanik's combat level is 41.

If you attempt to cast Low Level Alchemy on Zanik's body, then you will get the message: Doing that would be disrespectful to Zanik.

Discovering her destinyEdit

The following takes place during Another Slice of H.A.M..

During Another Slice of H.A.M., Zanik is captured by Sigmund and tied to a railway track of the new Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System. If she is to be run over, it would cause a dispute between the two races. She is nearly run over, but the player saves her in time.

Abduction by BandosEdit

The following takes place during Land of the Goblins.

[2]Grubfoot's dream about Yu'biuskIn the Land of the Goblins quest, Grubfoot speaks of "Goblin legend. Hopespear, long ago goblin, he have dream. He say some day Chosen Commander come, lead all goblins to new age. Most goblins, they think Chosen Commander lead goblins to war and fight other races. But I think maybe not. I have dreams that Zanik is Chosen Commander. Before you visit Goblin Village I dream about Zanik. And now, last night I have new dream. I have dream of far-off land. It like no land I ever see, but somehow I know it. It cool and wet. Ground is soft, big plants everywhere, red water bubbling. I see goblins, many goblins. Goblins of all tribes, but they not fight. They have no weapons. They live in peace. Then I see Chosen Commander. She stand at entrance to new land. She show way in. She lead all goblins on long journey to new land. I never see land before. I see it only in dream. But somehow I know what it is. It Yu'biusk, Land of the Goblins." She travels to Yu'biusk, the abandoned home plane of the goblins, through a fairy ring. However, she is absorbed by a strange box while exploring, and is stuck there due to the portal's closure. If the player uses the Fairy Ring system to return to Yu'biusk, the box is shut and cannot be opened.