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Runecrafting is a skill that is closely linked with the Magic skill, as it can be used to provide runes for it's use in training. It requires that a quest be completed before the player has access to the skill, much like the Herblore skill.

Craftable Runes

The level of a player's runecrafting skill determines what kind of runes can be made, as well as the number of runes created per essence crafted.

Name Level to craft Description



1 One of the four elemental runes.

Mind rune.png

2 A basic combat rune, used in lower level combat spells.

Water rune.png

5 One of the four elemental runes.

Mist rune.png


6 A combined rune of air and water elements.

Earth rune.png

9 One of the four elemental runes.

Dust rune.png


10 A combined rune of air and earth elements.

Mud rune.png


13 A combined rune of water and earth elements.

Fire rune.png

14 One of the four elemental runes.

Smoke rune.png


15 A combined rune of air and fire elements.

Steam rune.png


19 A combined rune of fire and water elements.

Body rune.png

20 A basic combat rune, used in lower level curse spells.

Lava rune.png


23 A combined rune of fire and earth elements.

Cosmic rune.png

27 An echantment rune, used in enchantment spells for jewlery and crossbow bolts.
Chaos rune.png
35 A low level combat rune, used in low level combat spells.

Astral rune.png


40 A lunar rune used solely in lunar magic. 
Nature rune.png
44 A rune used in alchemy spells and entaglement spells.

Law rune.png


54 A rune used in kenetic spells namely teleportation and telegrab.

Death rune.png


65 A rune used in medium level combat spells.

Rune Essence

Runecrafting uses the material rune essence and pure essence to craft runes. Both of these can be mined from the essence mines unlocked via the rune mysteries quest. Rune essence requires level 1 Mining and pure essence requires level 30 Mining. Rune and Pure essence can also be obtained through trading with other players. 

Rune essence is used to make the four elemental runes, as well as lower level practical runes. Pure essence is used to make higher level combat and practical runes. Currently the only runes in runescape not craftable by players are the soul rune and blood rune, used in higher level combat spells and teleportation spells. 

Crafting Runes

In order to craft runes players must first have access to the altars in which they are made. There is one altar per rune type spread across runescape which may be accessed with a Talisman or corresponding Tiara . Most talismans can be obtained via monster drops, though some are unlocked and obtained through quests, such as the Law talisman unlocked during the Troll stronghold quest. 

Players can locate the various altars by right clicking their talisman and selecting locate. This will display a message in the chat box indicating the direction on the compass the altar is from the player. You can also refer to the location guide below.

Once located players may use the corresponding talisman on the altar to enter, or simply enter if they have a tiara matching the altars type. Inside players will find a location matching the rune type, such as a swampy area for water, or on top of a hill for air. In the centre of this location will be the main altar, which players can simply left click to craft all of the essence in their inventory into the corresponding rune(s).