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Mining is considered to be quite a slow and boring skill by some, although it can however can be quite profitable once you reach level 85 as you can begin to mine Runite Ore.

Ores and Rock Types

Ores are harvested materials, mined from rocks containing them, that respawn at a set rate based on the rock type and the amount of players logged into any given world. A pickaxe is required to mine ore of any type. Ore is used in certain quests, and is the staple of the Smithing skill. Ores are smelted to bars, granting smithing experience, and these bars are then either sold or made into player-made items.

Ore/Rock Level Required Experience Gained
Copper 1 17.5 XP
Tin 1 17.5 XP
Clay 1 5 XP
Rune Essence (after "Rune Mysteries" quest) 1 5 XP
Blurite 10
Iron 15 35 XP
Silver 20
Coal 30
Pure Essence (after "Rune Mysteries" quest) 30
Sandstone 35
Gold 40
Granite 45
Mithril 55
Adamantite 70
Runite 85

Pickaxes and levels required to use them are as listed below:                   

  • Bronze: level 1 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 1gp)
  • Iron: level 1 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 140gp)
  • Steel: level 6 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 500gp)
  • Mithril: level 21 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 1300gp)
  • Adamant: level 31 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 3200gp)
  • Rune: level 41 (Price in Nurmof's shop: 32000gp)
*Pickaxes can be used from the inventory without needing the attack level to wield them however this will cost you an inventory slot when mining
*Pickaxes cannot be smithed and therefore must be bought from Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine.