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Iron is the second tier of items on RuneScape. Although it is the second tier, all iron tools are available at level 1, the same requirement for tier 1 weapons, bronze . Everyone on Runescape can use iron tools, weapons, and armour. Here is a list of iron items:

  • Iron pickaxe
  • Iron hatchet
  • Iron bar
  • Iron nails
  • Iron c'bow limbs
  • Iron full helmet
  • Iron med helm
  • Iron platebody
  • Iron chainbody
  • Iron platelegs
  • Iron plateskirt
  • Iron boots
  • Iron dagger
  • Iron sword
  • Iron longsword
  • Iron scimitar
  • Iron 2H sword
  • Iron mace
  • Iron spear
  • Iron battleaxe
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