Old School Runescape Wiki

Iron is the second tier of items on RuneScape. Although it is the second tier, all iron tools are available at level 1, the same requirement for tier 1 weapons, bronze . Everyone on Runescape can use iron tools, weapons, and armour. Here is a list of iron items:

  • Iron pickaxe
  • Iron hatchet
  • Iron bar
  • Iron nails
  • Iron c'bow limbs
  • Iron full helmet
  • Iron med helm
  • Iron platebody
  • Iron chainbody
  • Iron platelegs
  • Iron plateskirt
  • Iron boots
  • Iron dagger
  • Iron sword
  • Iron longsword
  • Iron scimitar
  • Iron 2H sword
  • Iron mace
  • Iron spear
  • Iron battleaxe