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Castle Wars (CW) is a combat orientated minigame based closely upon capture the flag. Players from two opposing teams (Zamorak/Saradomin) attempt to score points by carrying the enemy team's flag across the field of play and into their own base.

castle wars blue team fort

Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic is a popular way to kill other players in castle wars. Most players weilding Ancient Magic will use ice barrage or ice burst other players in order to prevent them from moving and taking the opposing team's banner. It is also used to prevent players from taking their banner. Ancient Magic is the best way to defend and win a game of Castle Wars. 


Ranging is another common strategy used to kill players in castle wars and involves in mostly killing warriors due to them not being able to attack away from melee distance.ranging is slightly more poular since the quest desert treasure must be completed and involves alot of requirements.


Once a game of castle wars is finished players on the winning team will earn tickets for finishing the game and winning that round. Tickets can be used for a variety of rewards such as from decorative armor to exclusive items that will help in the castle wars game on your team.