Old School Runescape Wiki

Bronze is the lowest tier in RuneScape. Bronze bars are made at level 1 Smithing. Bronze weapons can be wielded at level 1 Attack and bronze armour can be worn at level 1 Defence. Everyone on RuneScape can use bronze tools. A list of bronze items:

  • Bronze pickaxe
  • Bronze hatchet
  • Bronze bar
  • Bronze nails
  • Bronze c'bow limbs
  • Bronze full helmet
  • Bronze med helm
  • Bronze platebody
  • Bronze chainbody
  • Bronze platelegs
  • Bronze plateskirt
  • Bronze boots
  • Bronze dagger
  • Bronze sword
  • Bronze longsword
  • Bronze scimitar
  • Bronze 2H sword
  • Bronze mace
  • Bronze spear
  • Bronze battleaxe

A new RuneScape player will start with bronze weapons and armour. However, a better substitute to bronze is iron, as it has the same level requirements as bronze. Players will want to find iron weapons and armour to replace their bronze. However, it is not reccomended to purchase on iron armour as steel weapons and armour are available at level 5. When training melee, it is reccomended to at first:

  • Use whatever bronze armour you find
  • Get the best level scimitar available
  • Purchase steel armour when available

Bronze is the foundation of all metal-related skills in RuneScape. Bronze bars are made by forging a copper ore and a tin ore together. Bronze nails are smithed by using a bronze bar on an anvil and choosing nails. They are used in Construction to build furniture. Bronze c'bow limbs are used to make bronze crossbows.