Old School Runescape Wiki

Attack.pngAttack is a skill in RuneScape and is one of the main skills in the combat triangle.


Your attack level influences how often you hit your target successfully and can be modified through various methods, all weapons have attack bonuses, attack boosting jewellery, defenders and attack boosting potions such as an attack potion or combat potion.

Your attack level also determines what weapons you may wield. The basic melee weapons are as follows;

Bronze equipment - Level 1 Attack

Iron equipment - Level 1 Attack

Steel equipment - Level 5 Attack

Black equipment - Level 10 attack

Mithril equipment - Level 20 Attack

Adamant equipment - Level 30 Attack

Rune equipment - Level 40 Attack

Dragon equipment - Level 60 Attack

The basic melee weapons include swords, longswords, maces, battle axes, spears, scimitars, war hammers and hastae ( upon completion of barbarian training ). There are a few specific weapons for melee not included in the basic list, see below.

Granite Maul - Level 50 Attack and Strength

Abyssal whip - Level 70 Attack

Barrows equipment ( melee ) - Level 70 attack