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Agility is a skill in RuneScape, it can be one of the slowest, or fastest, skills in runescape. 

The higher your agilty level, the longer you can run, and the faster your energy replenishes.

Agility Training Courses

There are many different courses that any member can use, at an appropriate level, as the most efficient way to gain experience for this skill. These courses include obstacles and traps, some of which can be failed when attempted, dealing damage to the player.

1. Gnome Stronghold Agility Course** 

Located in the remote Grand Tree Village, this is the free, safest, most rewarding training method for training agility at level 1.

Obstacle Experinence Earned
Log Balance 8 XP
First Obstacle Net 7 XP
Tree Branch(Up) 5 XP
Balancing Rope 8 XP
Tree Branch(Down) 5 XP
Second Obstacle Net 7 XP
Obstacle Pipe 7 XP or 47 XP*
Total Experienced Gained 87 XP*

Agility Areas

Agility areas are areas not normally available to those without an adequate agility level, accessed by obstacles.

Area/Obstacle Level Required Experienced Earned
Rope swing to Moss Giant village 10
Stepping stones in Karamja Dungeon 12
Monkey bars under Edgeville 15
Pipe contortion in Karamja Dungeon 22
Stepping stones in south-eastern Karamja 30
Pipe contortion in Karamja Dungeon 34
Elf area log Balance 45
Contortion in Yanille Dungeon small room 49
Yanille Dungeon's rubble climb 67

Agility Shortcuts

Agility shortcuts can be used to access areas, that can normally be accessed by anyone, using much quicker or more convenient routes. For example, the Crossbow shortcut in Catherby allows players crafting Orbs allows players a much more cost and time-efficient route than that traveled conventionally. Some shortcuts require additional skills to complete.

Area/Obstacle Level Required Experienced Earned
Falador Agility Shortcut 5
Cross the River Lum to Al Kharid (with 19 Strength and 37 Ranged) 8
Scale Falador wall (with 37 Strength and 19 Ranged) 11
Yanille Agility shortcut 16
Coal Truck log balance 20
Varrock Agility shortcut 21
Eagles' Peak Agility shortcut 25
Falador Agility Shortcut 26
Draynor Manor stones to Champions' Guild 31
Scale the Catherby cliff (with 35 Strength, 35 Ranged, and Fishing Contest quest) 32
Ardougne log balance shortcut 33
Escape from the water obelisk island (with 22 Strength and 39 Ranged) 36
Gnome Stronghold shortcut 37
Al Kharid Mining pit cliffside scramble 38
Scale Yanille wall (with 38 Strength and 21 Ranged) 39
Trollheim easy cliffside scramble 41
Dwarven Mine narrow crevice 42
Trollheim cliffside medium scramble 43
Trollheim advanced cliffside scramble 44
Cosmic Temple - Medium narrow walkway 46
Trollheim hard cliffside scramble 47
Log balance to Fremennik Province 48
Pipe to Edgeville dungeon to Varrock Sewers 51
Karamja crossing, south of volcano (with 21 Strength and 42 Ranged) 53
Port Phasmatys ectopool shortcut 58
Elven overpass easy cliffside scramble 59
Slayer Tower medium spiked chain climb 61
Slayer Dungeon narrow crevice 62
Trollheim Wilderness route 64
Temple on the Salve to Morytania shortcut 65
Cosmic Temple advanced narrow crevice 66
Elven overpass medium cliffside scramble 68
Taverly Dungeon pipe squeeze to blue dragons 70
Slayer Tower advanced spiked chain climb 71
Taverley Dungeon spiked blades jump 80
Slayer Dungeon spiked blades jump 81
Elven overpass advanced cliffside scramble 85

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